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In my mono guitar pedalboard setup, I haven’t played with the H90 inserts yet (H90 is at the end of the board right before the amp), but I intend to start with the Boss CE-2W in insert  one, as it will allow me to use the H90’s Mix control with it. I always wished the CE-2 had one,  to allow for more subtle chorusing. The ability to add a Mix control to any pedal is very cool,  I think, on top of all the obvious position/routing options.

Secondly, I’d like to add my Moog Minifooger Drive in the other insert, which is an extremely versatile preamp, distortion, resonant ladder filter and EQ/tone box. I am hoping the H90’s ability to reverse the polarity of the signal and mix in some of the dry signal might allow me to derive some other interesting shapes from the resonant LPF. There was a really cool patch in the Allen Strange modular book about getting HPF out of a LPF, which I used to do with the MF-101 and modular. I think you need to mix the reverse polarity signal with the Dry signal in just the right amount. Will be interested to try it!

If I ever get a stereo rig going then I imagine my DC-2W would be very cool for nice wide ambient pads etc.