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For a (hopefully soon) future firmware update please change the behaviour of Delay tails/spillover when moving between or reloading programs with delay algorithms. Currently reloading the same program or loading another program will generate a pitch warp which is very audible in a solo or band environment.

The current behaviour makes using the H90 in a live environment as the primary delay machine more or less impossible. Two possible solutions would include:

1) Ideally, isolate the current program delay line with the next program so tails and spillover occurs seamlessly when moving between delay algorithms. I appreciate that this could mean significant backend work but that would elevate the H90 to be in line with other flagship products that perform this seamlessly.

2) Alternatively turning off Tails in the delay programs/algorithms clears all feedback in the delay buffer when a program change occurs. While not ideal as spillover won’t function… it will allow delay programs to be changed and avoid the warp sound.