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Would three more hotswitches be useful? That’s a great question.

I keep a Master list of close to 100 programs and spin off list of 4-10 for playing with others.

I have to impose simplification rules or I’d never remember what to do from one program to the next.  So I always structure programs with 3 hotswitches, tap tempo, and preset enable/disable switches.  But … I never use the second row.  lol.

Another rule is to use one program per song and, honestly, three hotswitches has always been enough for that for me.

However, I could see three more hotswitches being very useful for programs that replicate other effect pedals because there would be three more “snapshots” of the other pedal in one program.  I’m working on Strymon DECO programs and that thing is so versatile I found I need many programs to capture some of its range.  Obviously, choices must be made but providing seven representative tones per program would really help to capture the DECO with fewer programs.  I’ve had similar experiences trying to replicate other vintage effects in one or a few programs but the DECO is an extreme example.  So, yes, I see replicating vintage effects as one notable use case for three more hotswitches.