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ok. Wait hear me out. It’s not really about that. Take the wet dry rig from your manual for an example.  You position the dry amp as an insert in the signal path.  If you hit the P button (by mistake)  it kills the dry amp completely because shutting off P kills all effects AND inserts.  At a system level you should be able to treat the inserts as a pass through as an option and have P only kill the algorithms.  It renders the P disengage button of no use. Furthermore live it’s a hindrance because when playing  live if you hit P it you disengage an entire amp.

or take this as an example, you are using an amp sim as an insert somewhere In the chain as your amp sound and then coming out to a house PA. Hitting P disengages the amp sim completely.  Now you just have clean guitar running to the house.

maybe I took it a step too far with the independent controls for each insert but I think it’s worth considering a global option to leave inserts active when you kill a program using the P switch.  I was surprised that it wasn’t the default and inserts weren’t a pass through when it happened to me.  Depending on the rig and signal path I think “P” can become a bit of a liability.