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I don’t see any way of using outputs 3+4 to mirror outputs 1+2 just at different levels and have that always on. That would be nice. Example use-case: I want to keep a headphone Y-Cable plugged into outputs 3+4 running Line level, but keep 1+2 at Inst level to go to my amp. Should be as simple as creating a virtual, unity-gain send from 1+2 to 3+4 in the software. This way if headphones are or are not plugged in, or an amp is or is not plugged in, I don’t have to tweak any global settings. I can just plugin either an amp or headphones as needed using the outputs I configured. If any set of outputs has both outputs in use, the pedal should just assume stereo. So for example: if I have one mono out to an amp, then just mono operation. But if I have the Y-Cable in 3+4, then stereo operation for all algorithms.

You can enable a stereo insert at the end of your signal path and that should accomplish what you are looking for. Set the insert mix to 50% so it allows the signal to pass through to 1/2. Now you have duplicate copy of the signal on 1/2 and 3/4, and you can use the send level parameter to adjust the output level of 3/4.