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Factory Reset is not working, and Recovery is not working.

Windows 10 Pro is identifying the H90 as a drive now. It keeps popping up W10 messages during each recovery try.

There’s a very small window of opportunity/time I have to get the app to “see” my H90 in Recovery mode, and actually get to the point of seeing the firmware versions listed. The H90 Control app says it has “timed out” more often than not.

After trying 3 different firmware(s) to recover/reload, each time it cannot complete, due to not being able to back-up the installed firmware.

          “H90 Control.exe-Corrupt File
           The file or directory \h90-1.7.1.os is corrupt and unreadable.
           Please run the Chkdsk utility.”

Not off to a very good or encouraging start with this product, though I had certainly thought so before it froze and bricked itself. My faith in its reliability, is already gone.

I have pressed the Reset and Recovery key patterns so many times my hand hurts by now, and of course it’s the weekend plus MLK Day holiday on Monday…

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