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I’m with your on a global ADSR control (or two) FR.  I’ve said this before, but – to my mind – a Step Sequencer (w/ smoothing for LFO) could cover all these related feature requests with one-shot / X repetitions / looping capability.

There are those fixed ADSR controls in the modulation algos, and HotSawz Attack / Decay Gate options. But you seem to be referencing to the new PolySynth algorithm, though.  Limited at first glance, but a lot can be done with that configuration.  Much of it (yes) focuses on the filter envelope follower, but I find that envelope to be a remarkable achievement.

Attack = attack, input envelope as initial decay, again input envelope or FREEZE as sustain, input envelope or FREEZE REL as the release portion.  For an ADSR control over amplitude, I’ve been using both Preset slots in series, with PolySynth in Preset B.

That way, you can shape the input envelope before it ever gets to PolySynth.  TremoloPan (even as a Manual volume control), UltraTap (Chop) Trigger or Swell, DynaVerb’s Omnipressor mode (Gated is a great choice), or even delay algorithms in Preset A.

A couple of ideas to get started, anyway.