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A. A couple of ideas to get started, anyway.


Wow. Thanks for those ideas Brock. I think I will have to do a deep dive into this. Somehow I did not understand completely what you mean… I understood that you propose to send a certain envelope (from a effect) into the synth… right?

What I especially want to achieve is a very short synth, that stops playing ignoring the audio from my bass guitar… in other words: I play a note and the result should be a note that has always the same (short) length…

However… it might be simpler to have the ADSR / Envelope integrated in the synth itself…  With this you could use other effects on top of the synth…

Using HotSawz plus a LowPass-Filter via Expression Pedal on B I came very near to the sound I am looking for.

I keep on trying.