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I held off on using the HarPeggiator (Rhythms only)  as a sequencer for the advanced lesson.  But it sounds like you got what you wanted out of the H90 synth(s).

After a quick listen, I believe you can get that result with palm or left hand muting on your bass, with just the synth.  Let the envelope follower do the heavy lifting.  It would leave room in Preset B for – for example – Chorus or ModEchoVerb for a touch of wobble and space around the synth.

You *could* simulate that chorusing with PWM modulation in PolySynth, though.  Or even Osc Depth modulation in HotSawz.  But I can understand shaping the bass input before it ever gets to the synth, for consistency’s sake.

The important part would be the Cutoff & Resonance settings (which you can mirror almost 1:1 from the MiniFreak).  Substitute your expression pedal for Mod Wheel control over the Cutoff.  As for that “bass” waveform, either the Mix in HotSawz, or a combination of Shifts & Shapes in PolySynth.  -1Oct and either Triangle or Narrow Pulse waveforms.