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Following up with an attempt to use a KM SoftStep 2 MIDI controller to do the same thing:

1 Button Looper to activate the same series of events as a hot switch on board the H90 –


one press = REC, PLAY, DUB

two press = Stopped

hold = EMPTY


Firstly, is this possible with one button on an external MIDI foot controller ?

Or can you only assign several buttons to do the individual tasks?

(If so, I do not see DUB as one of those options)

Secondly, The Soft Step is assigned to send 127 press and 0 release,

is there any other way I should program the button to simulate the order of events of the 1 button Looper?

Lastly if I had to go with a non MIDI external 3 button AUX external foot switch plugged in to an EXP jack

to make a direct clone of the onboard P, A & B switches  what would you recommend?


Thank You!