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      I thought I had posted this already , but it hasn’t appeared, perhaps because I attached a video. If this is a duplicate, please delete!

      So, the issue I have is trying to control the one button looper function using a Morningstar MC8 over MIDI.

      I can get the mapping to work, using any CC number with a value of 127, but it fails after one cycle.

      Sending the CC MIDI message does the following when mapped to the one button looper: First press activated REC, 2nd press activates PLAY, double press activates STOPPED, long press activates EMPTY.

      So far so good – however on the 2nd cycle, I get to STOPPED, and the long press no longer works to EMPTY. No response of any kind to further MIDI messages. Going back to the H90 button does the following: 1st press switches off light above, 2nd press illuminates it momentarily, 3rd press activates PLAY, then I can activate STOPPED with a double press, and EMPTY with a long press (but only on the H90 – the MIDI messages still do nothing). Once EMPTY has been activated, then I can resume control using MIDI messages, but only until the same point on the 2nd cycle – so it goes round again!

      Any thoughts?


      Thanks, Dan

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi danperfect,

      Is the footswitch on the MC8 programmed to work like a switch where a press sends a value >=64 and a release sends a value < 64?

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      Hi Joe

      Thanks for the reply. No, it is programmed to just send one message CC >64  – I can program it to send a release if necessary..?

      I can get it to work perfectly well using different button for each function – REC/PLAY?STOP etc, but just not to accept one input to control the 1 button looper – I have a video if it helps..

      Thanks, Dan

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      Eventide Staff

      In order for it to behave like a 1-button looper function on the H90, the MIDI footswitch must be programmed with press & release functions. Try it and see if it helps.

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      Following up with an attempt to use a KM SoftStep 2 MIDI controller to do the same thing:

      1 Button Looper to activate the same series of events as a hot switch on board the H90 –


      one press = REC, PLAY, DUB

      two press = Stopped

      hold = EMPTY


      Firstly, is this possible with one button on an external MIDI foot controller ?

      Or can you only assign several buttons to do the individual tasks?

      (If so, I do not see DUB as one of those options)

      Secondly, The Soft Step is assigned to send 127 press and 0 release,

      is there any other way I should program the button to simulate the order of events of the 1 button Looper?

      Lastly if I had to go with a non MIDI external 3 button AUX external foot switch plugged in to an EXP jack

      to make a direct clone of the onboard P, A & B switches  what would you recommend?


      Thank You!

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