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Hello – thanks for writing

So the way things currently stand, once a tone row is recorded, it can’t be altered

But you can see in my reply to RP Gould above (#167765 – December 16, 2022 at 9:11 am), you can alter _how_ the tone row is played back, including by inserting special events into the “interval sequence”. One of those special events is a rest.

To try this out, first read the reply I reference above, and then once a tone row is playing and you are on the play mode screen (where you may see “PRIME” at top left), then press/hold user 4 (“+”) and press the UNDO key (⎌). At first this will just play the tone row at half speed, basically, but as you add other intervals to the interval sequence (press/hold user 4 (“+”) and press the interval buttons (“+1”, etc)), you can get that rest to appear only occasionally.

Let me know if that at least gives you something of what you are interested in.