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There is stuff Eventide wont tell anyone. With the Firmware Update 3.5.0[4] something went entirely wrong basically making the stomp box a brick that will not work anymore.

It can only be two reasons, either the software renders the DSP and its controls leaking as heck and mounting up faults until it cant work anymore. Cause if it would be only memory, the memory would deliver wrong results and the sound would simply sound very ugly but thats all or the entire software would stall with some bad luck which it also does not. Instead the box turns all inputs off. Sometime switching cables to another input will lift the problem for a couple of seconds and again it will turn it off. So guessing here, it’s the code that controls the input gain and likely also fills the buffer. Apart from that the input peak meter does not work at all since the update which even points more to a software problem. It was working before just fine. If i turn the box off, the connectors transmit the in and out signal just fine, no crackles, or anything.. so it is for sure not my setup nor cables..

Back in the days i emailed support with the friendly response that a repair would be needed and i have to pay almost the price the stomp box was worth at all. That was the day i decided i brick the entire company, cause thats not a deal but rather i see this as rip-off. Cause they obviously know exactly whats wrong.

So why i am so confident it is a software problem? Well because it worked with the old firmware just fine and stopped working exactly after the update to 3.5..