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You know, actually, there are a few other options you might explore to get some rhythmic diversity in your sequence. What I described earlier is the only way to get rests Misha’s output if you are using the internal clock, or an external one – such as a clock in, or MIDI clock – which is regular.

But if you have the ability to send in pulses that are not regularly timed – say you send from a sequencer which has a rhythm to it, including rests, say – then you have a few options:

With a tone row playing black, you can send an irregular clock pulse – say from a sequencer – into Clock In.

You could send an irregularly timed series of gate signals into gate1, where you have that defined in settings, say, to advance the sequence by 1’s, or 2’s, etc.

Further, you can set up the pair of gate/cv1 such that the incoming voltage in combination with a series of irregularly timed gates plays the tone row in some creative order.

You could even follow that last suggestion and turn off the tone row and just ‘play’ Misha externally with such a sequencer, with whatever rhythm that sequencer has going.

Finally – those above suggestions relate to driving Misha from an some external device plugged into Misha’s Clock In.  I haven’t mentioned MIDI, because MIDI Clock is intended to keep linked equipment in sync, and is therefore regular; however, I’ve been told that software/plugins exist to send irregular MIDI Clock, which could be another way to introduce some irregularity to the rhythm.

OK – hope that helps. We are always curious to hear what people are doing with Misha, so post links if you have any music you would like to share