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…. And I suppose you could rig a similar control set for changing the phase relationship by offsetting/delaying/etc the MIDI CC to one of the two retriggers… …but it would be grand to be able to change the phase relationships internally, both for static (one-time) and dynamic (modulated) phase relationship shifting.

Agree.  Internally would be best.  Now we’re in the vicinity of the onboard LFOs FRs.  One-shots would do it.

But now you have me pondering a more immediate external solution.  How about a MIDI LFO controlling the H90 LFOs?  Say, a Square waveform as a (Re)trigger.  Periodic Retriggers might  obviate the need to keep re-syncing.  And SIN / COS etc. to control the offsets.

I only bring this up because it’s becoming a more popular option for MIDI controllers of late.  Morningstar, Source Audio, boutique …

Screw it.  We need dual-quadrature LFOs in the H90, assignable to any parameter.  Quantized & smoothed.  Just think of the barberpole effects we could create …