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Bear with me: A PERFORM Mode “HotSwitch” to toggle between two separate ranges of parameter mapping.

  • No doubt tied to the [P] switch, selected under that display column, using the [P] LED button.
  • Named something like ALT, or whatever fits.  Debatable usefulness for an ALT (M).
  • In the Parameter Mapping popup, a toggle to set START & END ranges in two distinct sets  / pages (BASE & ALT – ALT1 & ALT2, etc.).
  1. Example: Two switchable ranges for Mod Speed and Mod Depth, tied to a HotKnob.
  2. Example: Instant reverse on an expression pedal mapping over, say, a pair of Delay times.
  3. Example: Two defined ranges of an incoming MIDI CC over a particular parameter or three.
  4. Example: Lighter & heavier MIX over an effect; different START point & the same END point for a given pedal travel.

My main thought here was a single expression pedal (or two) performing ‘double-duty’.  Work the pedal, press a (ALT) Perform switch, and it ‘mutates’ into controlling another range of that pre-assigned set of parameter mappings. But bonus points for switchable control sources under the same parameter mapping ‘toggle’ paging.