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I appreciate your reply. I can’t say I’m not a little disappointed that these updates are not around the corner, but it’s still much nicer to at least be aware of the situation, so thanks for letting me know.

(I’ll probably still ask again in a year or so anyway. 😉. Hopefully Eventide can also see the great value in adding these. Personally I’ll buy new cards and max out the expansion slots the same day you release these updates, or actually beforehand if I hear that they’ll be released. I bet other H9000 owners would too, if the number of processed channels/algos would double. And if you can expand this even further to work at higher bitrates at some point with more powerful DSP cards, you can expect to sell even more upgrades.

RNBO support does sound interesting, and I’m excited to try that out too! While I prefer tweaking knobs and faders over connecting virtual patch cables and building effects from scratch, would I be correct in assuming that with RNBO support I could quite easily combine multiple ready-made RNBO effects/patches to build more complex algorithms, and perhaps even midi controllable sends between them, when confined within a single H9000 algorithm?

Will it be possible to use any type of RNBO-devices, or will there be some hard limitations? (in addition to the current I/O limits of the algorithm slots / FX chains)

I’ve really fell in love with many of the algorithms in the H9000, and for this reason I’d really like to use them all in different combinations more freely. Something that the limited number of pre-made 2in1 or 3in1 algos won’t do, and neither will the RNBO support, unless Eventide algos were ported to RNBO. Something that surely won’t happen. However, with RNBO I might be able to tackle some of the current limitations. We’ll see when it’s released.

Without getting too much into detail, my setup requires me to route and process multiple instruments simultaneously through the H9000 (+the MADI expansion), and even with the powerful mixer of my MADI audio interface (RME UFX+ / Totalmix FX) and OSC+midi control, I’m still maxing out the available number of algos. I get beautiful sounds combining the effects, but because I need algos for the other instruments too, I keep having to make compromises.  Currently I’m routing some instruments with the direct IO router, bypassing FX blocks altogether, but they’re going into the H9000 already, in place to get some algo loving too.  🙂

I use scenes and load them per song / set of instruments, and I can load routings in TMFX this way too with OSC commands, but I still need some more options. I would have exactly that with these H9000 feature upgrades.

You might say that I should buy another H9000, but no. I need to keep the setup as compact as possible, all the needed processing power is already in a single H9000, and as you’ve said, it should be possible. I simply hope to get the mentioned amount of algorithms and midi (or osc) controllable sends between them to build my dream setup!  My setup is complex, I admit that, but as I was teased with the idea of being able to do all this stuff with the H9000, I really can’t let go of it now.

About the H9000 issues.. Yes, I’m sill having them intermittently. I’ve run the USB self diagnostics test each time I’ve run into issues, but every time I do, it gives me 0 errors.

I received instructions to open up the unit and remove/reattach the DPS blocks, but I’ve yet to do so as I’ve been busy with other projects, and currently all the DSPs work.

I’ll let you know when I have time to open up the unit, or I’m forced to due to some offline DSP. My H9000 sits neatly inside a fan-cooled, dust filtered rack (in a dry space), so I usually only take it out when I have to change some cables or modify the setup somehow.