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It’s unfortunately not feasible with any of the current H90 algos as the DC-2 has a very idiosyncratic way of producing its effect. You need two trapezoidal shaped LFOs set 180 degrees out of phase with each other, to modulate the Delay times of two BBDs. It’s what gives it that subtle effect and sets it aside from all other choruses. Plus there are the ‘compansion’ circuits and EQ tweaks, with the Dry signal placed right in the middle around 50/50 with the Wet. You need to get the LFO times and depths just right.

I’ve owned the SDD-320 Dimension D, DC-2, DC-2W, DC-3 and Fromel Seraph Deluxe, loads of plugin¬† emulations, as well as a few classic non ‘Dimensional’ choruses, (CE-2, CE-2W, CE-300 etc). I’ve also owned an H9 (and now an H90) since 2015. Believe me, I’ve tried many times with the Eventides, but I can’t get very close at all.

The only algo that might give you the trapezoidal waves I can think of is Harmadillo, and I’m wondering if two instances set 180 degrees out of phase is possible? The Fat/Phat Sines look close. But then you will be modulating harmonic tremolo, not the delay times of a pair of BBDs. Still might be worth a try for an interesting effect though, I’ll give it a go!