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I thoroughly enjoy your responses, @ndeshpande.  Rare, but always with a wealth of in-depth insights.

I think most of us here realize that Eventide products have their own unique flavors & distinct characteristics.  That’s why we’re here.  I can’t recall where any ET product (or even a factory preset) was out to directly ‘ape’ another device.  No need.  If anything, the reverse is true (products on the market chasing the Eventide “sound”).

I believe the intent in this thread – and many other similar ones – is not to clone any device in an exacting sense.  I know that I personally view this type of emulation challenge as sharpening my own Program design toolset.  I have a lot of fun doing just that, using the vast amount of H90 components I have at my disposal.  On the flip side, I can create sounds with it that I just can’t recreate with anything else.

And along the way, some other devices may get bumped off the ‘board because we can found a way to get close enough.  If there were ever a consolidation device, the H90 design is it.  I can say I’ve had mine over a year now, and I never run out of combinations to try, or a new way to look at what’s in there.  I appreciate your input here adding to that knowledge base.