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More information to come once the RNBO release is ready, but the general concept is you have a RNBO patch that can be exported to a specific target. In this case, the export target would be an H9000 algorithm that can be loaded into any FX Chain slot.

That’s broadly the way I thought it would work. I’ll wait for the release for more details then.

Existing Eventide algorithms would not be ported to Max/RNBO to be edited, that would be a better task for VSIg.

Makes perfect sense. I just meant to point out that RNBO won’t be a substitute for having the ability to run twice the amount of algos even if we can combine multiple RNBO patches to a single H9000 algorithm slot, as the Eventide algos are not available there..

It sounds like you are putting the H9000 to good use, and that is great to hear! We appreciate feedback from users such as yourself, and it’s nice to hear that you are taking advantage of all that the H9000 has to offer.

The H9000 represents the latest evolution in effects processors. That’s why I believe it’s also our responsibility as users to encourage further development. So, never feel bad because we keep demanding more from you; it simply means that we care about the gear and want the H9000 to continue improving, becoming the ultimate Swiss Army knife of effects processors it has the potential to be. Hopefully, you can find a strong synergy in developing the H9000 alongside other Eventide products and keep pushing it forward.