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Any ETA on new features for Misha?

I’m having fun with it for the moment but I suggest Eventide needs to push more functionality in a firmware update sooner rather than later if this module is to be a success. As it stands it’s very hard to justify the hp.

First, need to implement independent sequences (and clocks or at least clock divisions) for CV1, 2, and 3 (beyond just chord mode).  This is critical.  Is this being worked on?

Then it would be great to have two of those sequences running while being able to use the interval buttons to manually play/perform the third CV out.

Also, an interesting technique from serialism is the orchestra in the aggregate (rather than each section independently) adhering to the tone row. For example, if there could be three separate CV note outs (routed to three separate instruments/timbres/oscillators), on three different clocks or trigger sources, and have the tone row assigned the next ordered pitch consecutively to whatever voice (CV) “fires” next, that would be very powerful. That’s what comes to mind first when I think of New Viennese serialism, which is what this module is going for, no?