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A Frequency Shifter (NOT Pitch Shifter, that’s covered in abundance!) would be great, or being able to set the Ring Mod to a Frequency Shift mode (Two Quadrant vs Four Quadrant Multiplier). Or a Frequency Shifter/Delay combo where you can set the Frequency Shifter in the Feedback path of the Delay. It’s one of my fave tricks for coruscating Delays that don’t run away, when set to very subtle amounts of shift. FS has a really unique sound when used subtly, how I like to use it, kinda like Chorus but very much it’s own thing …

Have you tried out the new Pitch mode in RingMod?  I can’t quite figure out its exact internal structure; not quite the same as my O.G. Frequency Analyzer or EHX Ring Thing in SSB.  But it can do subtle, and can also pitch track the input.  I’ve been experimenting with that in Series with Polyphony delays, using the Feedback Sw set inside the loop.

Swirl … that’s another delicious mystery.

If you’re interested, here’s an ancient Eventide discussion on building some similar effects (with less control over it):