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Glad you are enjoying the unit

Actually if I understand you correctly, the functionality you request is already in there, if you can split that clock and send it simultaneously to two places: clock in and X t/g In.

With those two cables connected, then go to settings/ cv in x:

range: make sure your range matches whatever is sending the clock

linking: unlinked (T)

trigger function: key mapping

Trigger mapping:

num 1:

type: chords

action: random

No other settings matter here

if you really want one chord per clock then you really should go into setup/clocking/ext clock PPQ and set to 1

I just tried this and it seems to work

you could also have it increment/decrement along the 9 chords

In that CV In menu you will see also you have other ways of varying the sequence

Let me know how it goes for you