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Yeah, you’ve been busy.  Funny how the H90 takes us down our own unique rabbit holes (sometimes different ones daily, for me).  I can’t seem to get away from the PolySynth, then suddenly some oil can delay concepts spring to mind. Which somehow leads to re-pitching a pitch-shift.   Reminds me of a line I read from an Eventide nuts ‘n’ bolts article.  Focus was on the UniVibe / Riptide, but applicable across the spectrum:

Eventide has always been a company that’s looking forward. Trying to come up with new effects, or new ways of doing the classics. Sometimes the best way to put yourself in a position to come up with something truly new is to learn about what’s come before.

– (emphasis mine) Woody Herman, Senior DSP Engineer and Fan of the Rad Sh*t His Coworkers Make

I’ll check out your findings. I’m still holding out some hope for an Instant Phaser “rotary”.  Out-of-phase for its Doppler effects.  Now if only it had Instant Flanger’s Low Cut alongside its Age for the ‘growling’ … Sometimes part of the craft is keeping it all in one Preset slot, but it’s great to have the luxury of two-in-one.

I just need to clean up this pile of drafts I have here first before they start to go sour.