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Lordy! You give more thought to that one knob than I usually give to a whole program. LOL

Thanks.  That’s very helpful.

Yep, you got me right.  As a novice and as a prior H9 user, I start with blended preset mixes as I have always done.  I observed the difference in your presets, but never really considered starting with preset mixes max’d (or close to it) and working the Program Mix.

“There is never enough room for me in the Program Notes.”  I was thinking the same.  That might be a matter for the “Feature Request” thread. Double the character limit.

Speaking of feature requests:  Isn’t it time that TriceraChorus “Swirl” took it’s rightful place along side the other TriceraChorus parameters/knobs so it can be controlled by hotswitches, expression pedals, etc.?

Swirl can be a great option as is but I find I’m not using it because I have to hit several switches specifically to get at that alone.  Also, I can’t save a program with Swirl “on” as a default state.  I’m thinking adding one Swirl Level knob would be enough and that knob would be deactivated at zero (maybe the label would change to “unused” at zero) so that it would be backward compatible at zero (at zero, Swirl would be controlled by Chorus Mix or Detune Mix as it has been).  One would need to intentionally turn that above zero to shift control to that new parameter/knob so there would be no surprises.