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Lordy! You give more thought to that one knob than I usually give to a whole program.LOL …

My lot in life.  Blessing and a curse.

… “There is never enough room for me in the Program Notes.” I was thinking the same. That might be a matter for the “Feature Request” thread. Double the character limit …

I believe that I have already, but I don’t think it is a popular request.  Seems to me that would be a minor hit to expand it.  What is it – 256 characters?  I never have counted them out.  I just know that I have to abbreviate everything and selectively edit in the most important stuff.

… Speaking of feature requests: Isn’t it time that TriceraChorus “Swirl” took it’s rightful place along side the other TriceraChorus parameters/knobs so it can be controlled by hotswitches, expression pedals, etc.? …

I don’t know if it can be, relegated to an algo-specific Performance Parameter status?  Maybe so.  I do love what it does in its own right.

… Also, I can’t save a program with Swirl “on” as a default state….

Damn, I meant to check that last night.  I could’ve sworn that it could be latched & saved as ON.  Maybe I’m conflating it in the H9, or another parameter entirely.  I often take advantage of the latched Performance Parameters that stay engaged while toggling through the HotSwitches.  Now that’s bugging me.  I will follow up, Tony.