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Much obliged Tyler.

Swirl: IMHO being able to save the ON/OFF state of Swirl per program would be helpful but, if possible, being able to save that state per hotswitch would be much more helpful even if no separate parameter knob is possible.

Program Notes:  By the way, the ability to see the notes by hovering a cursor over the “i” icon is great.

One more thing about the Control app: I have no idea how common this is but on my video screen the GUI sizing only allows me to see eight full parameters with numerals (and up to four more partial parameters) for each preset (screenshot attached).  So I constantly scroll up and down to see/edit preset parameters.  I never mentioned this b/c I assumed it was a personal issue with my computer, but I saw a recent Leon Todd video with the same problem.  I, of course, have tried various display resizing options but none also worked well with my other software (and the larger parameter icons are easier to manipulate with a cursor than smaller ones).  Assuming this isn’t a rare/personal issue, I had a thought:

Would it be possible to add an arrow-icon that would allow a user to selectively roll the program-parameter-strip/GUI down and out of the way?  I know the preset/program-search-window has this capability.  This would allow users to selectively see four more preset parameters per preset, which (at least) I want to see and manipulate far more often than the program parameters.

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