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You don’t mention which device, so I assume you’re asking about the H9000?

You also don’t mention which DB-25 input, analog or AES/EBU.

Yes, you can route signals from any of the analog inputs via the DB-25 connector, as well as from any of the AES/EBU inputs using the DB-25 connector, to the XLR analog outputs.

“Note that the rear panel XLR analog connectors are a duplicate “mult” of channels 1-2 of the eight- channel analog DB-25 connectors.” So signals are shared between XLR in 1-2 and analog DB-25 in 1-2. Same goes with outputs.

In case you’re talking about AES/EBU, there’s only this limitation: “You can only use one digital audio protocol at any given time. This will be determined in your “Digital Audio Mode” setup.”