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What kind of setup do you use with an H9 and a sax?  I play trombone, and have been working on playing as a solo practitioner: horn, H9, Loop Station, and a reverb box.  What kind of mic/preamp (if any) do you use?  I’ve been trying to figure out what works best, sounds good, doesn’t get muddy or noisy, and have had some good results but also a lot of frustration. The H9 is obviously a quality piece of gear — it sounds great by itself, but it picks up the slightest noise from the preamp, and I also have to be somewhat, um, judicious when I loop a horn sound with effects — lay on too much Funky Sauce and Blackhole, and before you know it, it’s just a jumble of sound! My engineering is another big knowledge gap — both in terms of just making sounds with the live setup, recording, mixing, all of that is an area full of pitfalls and nobody-ever-tells-you things.  It’s coming, though — I’m hoping to have a self-produced album done sometime this year — it’ll have many shortcomings, but for once, they’re all mine!