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      I bought an H9 MAX to use with my sax, after all, why should guitarists have all the fun? The question: Is there any change that should be done with the EQ of the H9 since the frequency response is different for guitar than sax/vocals? If so, where would I make that change on the H9? Note, I’m using the Voco-Loco mic preamp with built-in effect loop.

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      Eventide Staff

      Congrats on your purchase and thank you for supporting Eventide! From factory the H9 is ready to go for your sax. It sounds like your asking whether or not you would need to change the Source instrument setting in the System menu, but the answer is no, since saxophones work in a similar register to guitar, the default setting.

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      What kind of setup do you use with an H9 and a sax?  I play trombone, and have been working on playing as a solo practitioner: horn, H9, Loop Station, and a reverb box.  What kind of mic/preamp (if any) do you use?  I’ve been trying to figure out what works best, sounds good, doesn’t get muddy or noisy, and have had some good results but also a lot of frustration. The H9 is obviously a quality piece of gear — it sounds great by itself, but it picks up the slightest noise from the preamp, and I also have to be somewhat, um, judicious when I loop a horn sound with effects — lay on too much Funky Sauce and Blackhole, and before you know it, it’s just a jumble of sound! My engineering is another big knowledge gap — both in terms of just making sounds with the live setup, recording, mixing, all of that is an area full of pitfalls and nobody-ever-tells-you things.  It’s coming, though — I’m hoping to have a self-produced album done sometime this year — it’ll have many shortcomings, but for once, they’re all mine!

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