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can you explain? Not sure how to do this. Can you give an example? What I find limiting in the H9 is that you cannot go up and down in presets with footswitch the pedal itself. Say you want switch from preset 11 to 12 for the chorus and then back to 11 for the second verse or so. This is very impractical to do on the pedal itself as far as I know. If someone has on idea how to this without a midi pedal or additional switch let me know! Switching on the unit itself is very cumbersome and slow It would be much more practical if you could switch up with the right footswitch and down with left. I don’t think this is possible?


One way to achieve preset switching without using a MIDI pedal or additional switch on the H9 pedal itself is by utilizing its built-in expression pedal functionality. You can assign the expression pedal to control preset selection, allowing you to smoothly transition between presets by rocking the pedal forward or backward. While this may require some setup and practice, it provides a hands-free solution for navigating presets during performances.