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… What I really want to know is when do you guys consider that the string is tuned: When it gets to 00 in the first pluck of the string or when the string rest for while? …

<p style=”text-align: right;”>Tuning is – by nature – a compromise. Personally, I always wait until it settles down from the initial attack. That’s the best average for my usual playing, and it avoids some of the physics involved with metal strings. Flesh is more forgiving than picks, and right hand position plays a role. I suppose your tuning preference will also depend on your style of music & playing style. Do you have a strong RH attack, with lots of palm muting & chugs? Or a lighter, legato technique?

I play with a heavy hand but not for tuning. Well let’s see if I get used to the tuner in a couple of days. Have no space in the board for a new tuner, unless I kick off the wah!