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Canwe go backto the single unit?











1 amp.1,00mA works for all but the last. is all I am saying. the multiple depend, so


You could put a three-way splitter and do all the top three at once, as well, but I like 50% extra for surges.


As long as the Power adapter is greater than the draw, you’re fine.


The bit about Current draws? Some folks think if you put too big a pack on, you’ll blow upo the devic


Like 2,000mA can feed a 10mA device with a whole bunch of overhead, that just does not get sucked out, what I mean up there, but it will never shove more that its rating. Always account for surges, is a take it by feel.
Also, the closer the power pack is to the device’s draw, the more likely it will overheat the power adapter. This is why I choose 50% over.


Right another reason to get 50% over what the device needs is AMBIENT Temp needs to be considered especially onhot days.

That is another benefit of the 50% over rule.


If I was always in a hot ambient environment, going 200% over the device (double) will increase the dynamic range so it doesn’t burn-out so fast.


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