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      Spec sheet says 300ma, the label at back of the pedal says 500ma (4.5W@9V) and most internet sites says 200ma.

      The logical one to follow is 300ma but it would be very convenient for me to use the 200ma outlet in my power supply.

      Has anyone measured or clarified this?

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      Eventide Staff

      Yes, we have. Stick with 300 ma.

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      Many thanks, I will do.

      It may not be your responsibility, but some online shops say 200ma.

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      Just buy a bunch of 9 Volt 1 Amp power adapters Making Sure Center is Correct polarity, all is well, PitchFactor and ModFactor need 1.5 Amp.


      The half Amp overhead will never shove itself on its own. Current is drawn as needed, not forced


      Current draw is not about matching numbers, its about having enough.

      For Current (Amps) think of the waterpipe’s Diameter, Voltage the Pressure, and you’re good to go.



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      Thanks, not sure I follow you. Are you suggesting for me to buy a multi socket extension lead and plug the power adaptors there? I already have the power adaptors that came with the pedals. I was trying to see if I could use my power supply (Cioks Schizophrenic), but I can’t unless I join outputs in parallel.

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      Canwe go backto the single unit?











      1 amp.1,00mA works for all but the last. is all I am saying. the multiple depend, so


      You could put a three-way splitter and do all the top three at once, as well, but I like 50% extra for surges.


      As long as the Power adapter is greater than the draw, you’re fine.


      The bit about Current draws? Some folks think if you put too big a pack on, you’ll blow upo the devic


      Like 2,000mA can feed a 10mA device with a whole bunch of overhead, that just does not get sucked out, what I mean up there, but it will never shove more that its rating. Always account for surges, is a take it by feel.
      Also, the closer the power pack is to the device’s draw, the more likely it will overheat the power adapter. This is why I choose 50% over.


      Right another reason to get 50% over what the device needs is AMBIENT Temp needs to be considered especially onhot days.

      That is another benefit of the 50% over rule.


      If I was always in a hot ambient environment, going 200% over the device (double) will increase the dynamic range so it doesn’t burn-out so fast.


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      ALL OF THE ABOVE is after the Factory one dies. In a hot & humid climate, just se if the factory one gets way hot, if yes drop it down for a lower-needs pedal and buy one that is double the factory.


      Now for your multi-tap, which I tend tend away from but that is just my OCD. Some nights I will sit in my chair with the one end on the floor and Massage to whole cable from from one end to the other, but you could fold it into cubes and it still works.

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