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ALL OF THE ABOVE is after the Factory one dies. In a hot & humid climate, just se if the factory one gets way hot, if yes drop it down for a lower-needs pedal and buy one that is double the factory.


Now for your multi-tap, which I tend tend away from but that is just my OCD. Some nights I will sit in my chair with the one end on the floor and Massage to whole cable from from one end to the other, but you could fold it into cubes and it still works.

I do have a tendency to make all smooth and  the shielding perfect aligned and it all just hocus pocus. It does last longer  the less you bend it bck&forth repeatedly, the strands can  wear out faster because the strands are bending back & forth at the same space.


Back when I had this big fat I wanna be a sound check or rodie or run the board the recording studio let me come in and nearly kicked meout for not coiling the cables properly for the wall hooks, then I said NEW MAN instead of NOY MAN that you DO NOT WANT TO DO, apparently. I never went back.  btw the played ‘HELP!” at the Neptune Theater,and I still remember Ringo stand in their room, then the India guy that’s ging to kill him or kidnap Ringo gets into a phone booth, gets Ringo on the phone then speaks the hypnotizng code or whatever word.


I still do it for folks, it cracks me up so much.


“ooooon yallyman”


“ooooooon yally man”



oooooon yalli man


you have to see it here cuz its got a curve in the inflection, but  its

if i type it it’ll be goo so the o in Go is longer than usual

Go to the  weendow



Go to the  weendow


its a tossup between Hard Day’s Night and that one which is better.


Magical mystery tour the movie = wtf was that? and I thought i’d think its funny i dunno


i had anabsolute blast all this past weekend this city lets human being sleep outside for god knows what reason, so I lit into all of them i mean i am surprised they didn’t shoot me.


but hell, if you are going to make someone’s life miserable do it away from me.


disappearing money completely ,cuz i am a Bruja, white though that may be

Wanna know how to get to Carnegie hall?


practice praclkjabfl


Anyways, seriously I found incorporating Boolean made me A Whole Lot better in arguments,which is pretty much why they are so fked now


i tied them in a triple ganger i don’t know but it was funnier than hell


it took eight years to map-out their logic structure and that would take then a century just by adding Boolean, it ain’t hard at all



Go to the  weendow


i forgetythe whole rest of the film, sorry 😉