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Would it be possible to add Mid Side encoding to the H90?  For live performance you can replace  a stereo  or  wet/dry/ wet  speaker setup by sending  stereo delays or other processed stereo signals into an MS encoder. It is highly effective as the phase encoding helps to prevent the stereo image from collapsing over distance. You can also use a mid/side speaker array (i.e. two cabinets mounted vertically, one facing forward and the other sideways) which saves space on stage compared to having two regular speakers spaced further apart.

Aspen Pittman of Groove Tubes built the SFX Spacestation for a while https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/Spacestation3–aspen-pittman-designs-center-point-stereo-spacestation-v3-280w-3d-stereo-monitor  which they also licensed to Fender as the Fender Acoustic SFX Acoustic Instrument amplifier.    I had a rack mounted M/S processor custom built and I also built several different mid/side speaker arrays so I know how well it works. Having M/S as an option in the H90 would certainly save on additional processing gear and cabling and make it a lot easier for musicians to experiment with this concept.