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A couple minor feature / UI requests for the H90 Control program (based on the Mac version)

  • Move location of the pop up parameter box (when using the drop down arrow for each parameter, such as for assigning control source and range) to not cover up the original knob value.
  • On the Control Assignments tab, list out the different parameters (there are seven) and their assignments in rows rather than having to select each one from the drop down list. (Or at least the option to do so). This would give an overview of what parameter is assigned to what switch at a glance, rather than having to cycle through all the parameters to find the one that you unintentionally mis-assigned (as me how I know…). Or, alternately, the ability to sort/display the different assignments by parameter and by switch. (i.e., what all is assigned to aux switch #4?)

(I’m finally starting to dig into editing with the H90 Control program, after focusing on just on-board editing, which is a testament to the UI on the pedal itself. Great work there).