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Eventide Staff

Hi Daniel,

To add a bit to what winihh said above:

The reason this is happening is because when you active HotSwitch1, this is temporarily changing the distortion parameter to 50%. When you active HS2, this also deactivates HS1, bringing distortion back down to 20%. You cannot stack the parameter changes of multiple HotSwitches, you will need to program each HS for the exact parameters you would like. Parameters from the default Program (no HotSwitch active) will remain unchanged. If you’d like HS2 to have the increased distortion, you need to program that HS to have the distortion parameter at the desired value.

There are 3 HotSwitches, so you already have 4 presets option; Default + HS1-3.

We’re looking into expanding the UI but I cannot promise that we’ll add the option to assign any HotSwitch to any footswitch. You may find that a MIDI controller or 3-button aux switch will improve your setup if you’d like more flexibility.

Let me know if that clears things up. Happy to hear you’re enjoying the H90!