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      I am a bit confused by the way the hot-switches work. Maybe I am missing something, and that’s why I thought I’d post…

      Let’s say I have as FX A a distortion, and as FX B a pitch shifter.


      distortion 20%

      pitch -12

      Now I assign HS1 to increase the distortion to 50%, and HS2 is assigned to pitch +12.

      And nothing else. So all other knobs are greyed out.

      What I expected was that if press HS1 the distortion would increase to 50%, which it does.

      But when I switch HS2 after that, the pitch goes up to +12, but the distortion goes back to 20% (default)

      This is unexpected: I did not active the distortion knob in HS2, and I would expect to stay in the last position, which was 50%.

      For me it would be more logical that any knob that isn’t assigned in a HS ‘scene’ stays where it was, and does not revert back to the original value of the preset. If i would want that, I would have added set distortion to 20% when HS2 is pressed.  With the current behaviour you can have 3 different effects in one preset:

      – default, HS1, or HS2.

      In the proposed way you can have 4 different effects in one preset:

      default, HS1, HS2, and HS1 and HS2.

      Or am I missing something?

      The other thing I which I think is a bit an unnecessary limitation is that you can only assign HS1 to FS1, HS2 to FS2, etc.

      I would prefer more flexibility, and I’ve seen other post about this.

      For the rest I love the way the H90 works, it is an FX processor dream machine!


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      The Hotswitches are not “adding up”. Your setup should be: Hotswitch 1 like your’s but Hotswitch 2 with the added Distortion plus the added Pitch.

      In the end you have 4 Sounds within one Programm: Default, H1, H2, H3 …

      I use this for Bass. I have a basic sound… H1 a little bit “hotter”, H2 darker (like solo), H3 brighter (like slap).

      (Hope I got this right and understandable…)

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi Daniel,

      To add a bit to what winihh said above:

      The reason this is happening is because when you active HotSwitch1, this is temporarily changing the distortion parameter to 50%. When you active HS2, this also deactivates HS1, bringing distortion back down to 20%. You cannot stack the parameter changes of multiple HotSwitches, you will need to program each HS for the exact parameters you would like. Parameters from the default Program (no HotSwitch active) will remain unchanged. If you’d like HS2 to have the increased distortion, you need to program that HS to have the distortion parameter at the desired value.

      There are 3 HotSwitches, so you already have 4 presets option; Default + HS1-3.

      We’re looking into expanding the UI but I cannot promise that we’ll add the option to assign any HotSwitch to any footswitch. You may find that a MIDI controller or 3-button aux switch will improve your setup if you’d like more flexibility.

      Let me know if that clears things up. Happy to hear you’re enjoying the H90!

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      Hi there,

      thanks for the clarifications, I was hoping I missed something, but this seems intended behaviour. From my point of view not very logical, and as I said, you miss an extra sound option.

      (if it would work as I expected, then you can have pitch up or down with mild or wild distortion, while now you have to choose)

      it is what it is…. And for the rest I love it, I use it for an electric upright bass, together with an H9… and for bass it is great that you can set your dry sound in many ways….


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      I think you did not understand the concept. It does what you want…

      1. Do your program as you like.
      2. Do a Hotswitch with more distortion on H1

      3. Do the same (or different) distortion on H2 and add desired pitch.
      4. On H3 you can e.g. do even more Distortion and another pitch.

      This gives you flexibility over your sound. 1 Sound/ Program and 4 variations. This is better instead of just adding up things – from my perspective.

      I use an expression pedal in addition. Perfect to blend in more distortion and more pitch with dynamic (as an example).

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      Hi Winihh,

      I do not want to start an endless discussion, as I said, it is what it is… but I do understand the concept, I just think it could have been a bit smarter… you keep mentioning the 3rd HS, while I would like to be able to do this with only two. And, if the HS scenes would only ‘turn the knobs’ that you have activated, you have more choices. If you want the distortion to go back to 20 when you activate the HS2 pitch up, you can include it in HS2 scene, while if you do not activate it, it stays where it was. That is one option more than if the knob regardless if you included it in the scene always goes back to 20.

      I would like to have the two effects behave like two independent as if it were two pedals, and if I, through a HS, turn the knob on one, it should not touch the other… otherwise I would have included it.

      Hope you get my point, I dont know a better way of explaining it…

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      Hard to understand why you want this… I understood now. I am very happy like it is.

      I guess every person digging into the H90 will have some request… mine would be MIDI-Note out on the MIDI-Out in order to play hard- and software synths. That would be a killer feature.

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      Tyler touched on it above, but to say it a little more clearly …

      The aux switches provide the exact functionality you want.  The aux switch changes are persistent and independent of one another, they way you want.  Setup aux 1 for your distortion (preset A) and your aux 2 for your pitch (preset B).  You can even have aux 3 for a program that spans presets A and B.  You have three options.

      Hot switches and aux switches operate differently so folks can mix and match as they please.  Seems like a good system to me.

      Good luck!

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      I understand your point, but two things to consider… You cannot assign the aux functionality to the built in three pedal switches. And I decided to use my aux switches for prgm up and down, and load. (why? Because then only on stage and in rehearsal I need to bring my extra pedals, while at home or in the studio the H90 itself is enough)

      And besides, my whole point is that when it would work they way I proposed (and find more logical) you could still do what you can do now, but have an extra option.

      And maybe this is because I program all my presets from the computer software. You make a new patch, you go to the HS1-3 pages, and then you see all greyed out buttons. In software this means “I am not enabled, I don’t do a thing”. While in reality they do change value when you activate one of the HS states. That, for me, is not logical. It felt so not logical that I decided to post here, because I thought i must be doing something wrong.

      Meanwhile I thought of a better example:

      – FX A: polyphonic pitch: default: maj third and octave

      – HS1: maj third becomes minor third

      – HS2: octave becomes fifth

      – FX B: distortion: default: mild

      – HS3: heavy distortion

      In my proposal you would have 8 options:

      maj3, oct, mild

      min3 oct, mild

      maj3, fifth, mild

      min3, fifth, mild

      and then another 4 options with the same chords, but now with heavy distortion. This means that within one preset I can have 8 variations with only three pedals. (binary logic 😉

      While in the current situation I would need to choose:

      – if I switch from maj to min, do I want the octave to become a fifth or not?

      – if I switch from maj to min, do i want mild or heavy distortion?

      – etc for the other HS.

      While if you indeed always want to have them behave like that, you include those knobs in the hotswitch. So with my proposed behaviour you can still do what you can do now, while you can also do what you cannot do now.

      That’s more mix and match to me. But as I wrote, it is what it is. I just couldn’t believe that they greyed out knobs were actually active and thought I missed something.  Chance that Eventide will change this behaviour afterwards is small, because then all existing patches of current users would all of a sudden behave different, or they would have to make a preference ‘leave deactivated HS in their current state/move to default state’.

      Best, Daniel








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        You make a good point Daniel.

        I agree it would require external switches (aux or midi) to capture all of the options you list.



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