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Hi Winihh,

I do not want to start an endless discussion, as I said, it is what it is… but I do understand the concept, I just think it could have been a bit smarter… you keep mentioning the 3rd HS, while I would like to be able to do this with only two. And, if the HS scenes would only ‘turn the knobs’ that you have activated, you have more choices. If you want the distortion to go back to 20 when you activate the HS2 pitch up, you can include it in HS2 scene, while if you do not activate it, it stays where it was. That is one option more than if the knob regardless if you included it in the scene always goes back to 20.

I would like to have the two effects behave like two independent as if it were two pedals, and if I, through a HS, turn the knob on one, it should not touch the other… otherwise I would have included it.

Hope you get my point, I dont know a better way of explaining it…