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As log as Polarity is correct, Voltage is +-5% of the unit’s spec, and Current mA or A for each power port is Greater-Than the device needs, barring extreme over-budget (Current get drawn by the device’s needs, not pushed into the device) it is all good.

Your ModFactor? I have the other three also, but they work. The folowing is after a smooth firware update and

A strange deal that started off fine on Reverb lands me a ModFactor whose Encoder bring the top-left LED on then top-right, then Left 2nd row Right 2nd row, then now more presets are lit. I already have an order to get it fixed, though it seems odd that this appears to be brand new, this would happen.


1 2<-top row

3 4

no more here down



4 3 <-top row

2 1

then no more going down

numbering is the order they light up per encoder stepping

yours ever do this?


my Arturia MicroFreak LOVES Eventide FACTOR Series