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I understand your point, but two things to consider… You cannot assign the aux functionality to the built in three pedal switches. And I decided to use my aux switches for prgm up and down, and load. (why? Because then only on stage and in rehearsal I need to bring my extra pedals, while at home or in the studio the H90 itself is enough)

And besides, my whole point is that when it would work they way I proposed (and find more logical) you could still do what you can do now, but have an extra option.

And maybe this is because I program all my presets from the computer software. You make a new patch, you go to the HS1-3 pages, and then you see all greyed out buttons. In software this means “I am not enabled, I don’t do a thing”. While in reality they do change value when you activate one of the HS states. That, for me, is not logical. It felt so not logical that I decided to post here, because I thought i must be doing something wrong.

Meanwhile I thought of a better example:

– FX A: polyphonic pitch: default: maj third and octave

– HS1: maj third becomes minor third

– HS2: octave becomes fifth

– FX B: distortion: default: mild

– HS3: heavy distortion

In my proposal you would have 8 options:

maj3, oct, mild

min3 oct, mild

maj3, fifth, mild

min3, fifth, mild

and then another 4 options with the same chords, but now with heavy distortion. This means that within one preset I can have 8 variations with only three pedals. (binary logic 😉

While in the current situation I would need to choose:

– if I switch from maj to min, do I want the octave to become a fifth or not?

– if I switch from maj to min, do i want mild or heavy distortion?

– etc for the other HS.

While if you indeed always want to have them behave like that, you include those knobs in the hotswitch. So with my proposed behaviour you can still do what you can do now, while you can also do what you cannot do now.

That’s more mix and match to me. But as I wrote, it is what it is. I just couldn’t believe that they greyed out knobs were actually active and thought I missed something.  Chance that Eventide will change this behaviour afterwards is small, because then all existing patches of current users would all of a sudden behave different, or they would have to make a preference ‘leave deactivated HS in their current state/move to default state’.

Best, Daniel