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… What i would like to get is an improved version of the crystal algo with more parameters. In my DAW i often use the soundtoys crystallize instead of delay/reverb. I can get close with the crystal but it lacks some features like threshold, splice, recycle.

In the spirit of getting you a little closer for now:

  • Stereo in Crystals, so all of the common parameters with Crystallizer are doubled.
  • Mix – A combination of (dry/wet) Mix and Pitch A / Pitch B Mix.
  • Pitch – There’s a coarser gradation in Pitch A / Pitch B.
  • Splice – essentially the Reverse Delay buffers A&B in Crystals, with somewhat less of a continuous range.
  • Recycle – Feedback A & Feedback B.
  • Delay (pre-delay), Threshold, Gate/Duck, Forward / Reverse¬†– you’d have to get those from a 2nd algorithm in Series, like Ducked Delay, DynaVerb (Omnipressor mode), even UltraTap.
  • Tweak Menu – manual A & B offsets to Pitch / Rev Delay/Splice …

Something to be said for leaving the 2nd Preset slot open for a completely different effect.¬† But part of the beauty of the H90 (over the H9) is creating “new” algorithms from combining two.