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I am just getting started with midi.  I have the Boss ES8 and the H90.  What I want to do for now is very simple.  I want to:

Create patches on the H90 (Check)

Be able to send a midi message from the ES8 to turn on multiple effects (Check)

One of those effects will be a certain preset that I created on the H90 – NOPE!  I can’t seem to figure out how to do this.  I am sure it is very simple.  I’ve watched about two hours of videos and they all seem to ‘skip’ over this in favour of more complex things (like those in the start of this thread).

Is there some setting I need to use on the ES8 to ‘talk’ to the h90?

I’m willing to learn if someone can direct me to a document to read or a video to watch.

I think I am doing everything right on the ES8 but it does not seem to call up anything on the h90…