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Wish list feature request for H90.

More “selective”/customizable settings for transmitting MIDI messages. This could include:

  • Ability to assign hotswitches to send MIDI CC and PC (independent of current PC messages when set to “transmit”). Message and channel.
  • Program by program option to send PC messages when changing programs. Currently, all PC changes are transmitted when switching programs (or none at all)
  • Ability to assign expression pedal to H90 and/or MIDI

(Background: I was able to simplify/downsize my Morningstar MC6 mk2 to a Disaster Area DMC micro.pro when I added the H90, since the hotswitches covered much of what I was using the MC6 for, leaving only switching presets various devices on a song-by-song basis. I currently switch H90 programs mid-song but don’t necessarily want to switch the other midi-controlled devices, especially with the brief drop out on the H9 when changing programs. With the above options, I could do away with a separate MIDI controller entirely).