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Here’s what I am doing now


I have guitar going through a SpaceTime effects block, then guitar vocals and bass going through a 5.1 reverb unit (functions as 5 reverbs in one block). Each instrument gets its own USB output, but they all get mixed together for the stereo optical output which goes to my speakers. What I would like instead is to separate each analog input into its own FX chain so they can be dragged and dropped easily from one session to another. For example here might be my guitar and vocals FX chains.

Untitled Untitled Untitled

The issue is that AES3 outputs 1 and 2 are locked in the Vocals FX chain so I can only use 3 and 4. If I had an external mixer that could take 8 channels of optical and mix down to 2, this would be fine, but I’m not aware of such a device. If anyone from Eventide sees this I’d be curious to know if adding a post FX mixing stage has been considered.