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Tim Zurowski

Thanks very much for the response tbskoglund, but unfortunately it does not work for me.  The tuner was already set to “mute” and only works for some presets.  I am using 18 presets live in the band and it only mutes the signal for the first 8 presets. For the rest the signal still comes through in the right channel when I engage the tuner.  It is worth noting that I always play in stereo with two amps. It never did this when I first got the H9, but for some unknown reason it no longer completely mutes in ALL presets.

With the expression pedal question, I do not understand what you are saying.  I do not see a “control” selection in the software and no idea where I can find this “control – click” on a “dot”  at the end of the light ring.  Basically I want the H9 to react for most presets as if there is no expression pedal plugged in.  It is a pain to have to adjust the expression pedal for presets when you are playing live and just switched to specific preset, and depending upon where the pedal was left sitting might not be what you want.  I want to disable the expression pedal for specific selected presets.

Thanks Tim