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Hi –


Thank you for your reply.

Here’s the detail…

My Strat goes into the Input 1 (instrument level) of an AudioFuse 16Rig.  The input is around -10dB to -6dB as recommended.  The signal is sent on Aux 1 to the H9000 via ADAT and input level on the H9000 measures about the same.  The FX Chain Mix is 100.  The IN and Out Gain for the algorithm (Atavachron in this case, but pretty much applies to all algorithms with this problem) is 0.  The Distortion Params settings:  Drive is 25 dB, Level -9 dB, Filter is 100%, Freq is 1034 Hz, Curve is 5, Flux is 0.78 ms, Distortion HiCut is 37515 Hz.

I get a terrible squeal much like amp feedback (I am using headphones so there is no speaker to pickup feedback that I can determine.)

If I turn down the Drive param the feedback goes away, but then the Drive loses the character I want.

The return of the wet signal is over ADAT to the Audiofuse 16Rig, and it comes in at about -18 dB (same as it leaves the H9000).

Let me know if you need more info.

Thank you of your help….