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Thank you very much for these suggestions.

It turned out to be something related to the I/O matrix I set up with my new audio interface.  I connected my previous one (Focusrite Clarett 8Pre) and it all worked fine.  I went back, tweaked the I/O settings and fixed the feedback issue (it was a duplication of Sends apparently – not 100% sure).

But then opened a can of worms with using the Emote plug-in in Logic (not the I/O plug-in as previously stated).  Seems I cannot turn on/off the plug-in from Logic once added to a track, only remove it, as the I/O has to be fixed in the AudioRig matrix.  Also strange behavior regarding mono and stereo.  But not a big deal. I usually don’t use the plug-in.  And I still need to get comfortable with the AudioRig.

Thank you again so much for your help – it sent me on the right trail.  The distortion algorithms are as wonderful as I remember them.