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I like this thread too.  I aimlessly tried to figure out DynaVerb on my H90 and finally went down the historic Omnipressor rabbit hole and settled on the simplified Omnipr Mode.  I’m using it mostly for making my Logic drums sound fatter and heftier (and doing pitch shift down ala Tony Visconti/Low drum sound). I’m keeping the Omni Ratio in the 9s and along with the threshold level that’s where the action seems to be happening and you can really hear the effect and I’ve got the Low Level knob juiced up a bit.  Following up on Brock’s feed-forward vs feedback I can hear the difference as I sweep through it and at least on the drums I’m listening to the feed foward has more of the heft I’m after.  I also just switched some guitar through the same settings and it is doing the same thickening.  Cheers.